Friday, June 27, 2014

First Square Foot Garden Done

Well, it took me a LONG time, but I finally got the first Square Foot Garden done. It is approximately 2 feet by 2 feet, but since I used cement blocks, I have all those holes in them that serve as planting space, too.
This is the "lane" between the first garden and what will become the second garden. I seeded it Tuesday night, expecting rain--it finally arrived on Friday morning!! You just can't count on the weather!!

This was one of the "harvests" this week--it's early in the harvest year:

There is absolutely NO reason for anyone in western WA to ever BUY lettuce. I'm pretty sure we can grow it year round here. I have some growing on both my front porch and the back porch. this is my back porch crop a week or so ago:

I had a terrible time getting clematis to grow in my backyard; I think I killed several plants before I finally got two to grow, and then one of THOSE seems to have disappeared. But the remaining one has a field day every summer:
Here it is indulging itself in its annual  Butterfly Bush Climb:
My friend Mary Lou HATES morning glories, but I like them. Here is my "morning glory fence;" I think the flowers improve it:
Since it is raining today, the extent of my gardening will probably be rounding up some slugs that are wandering about. That's OK. My stuff really needed a good soaking and it looks like it's getting it. Stay tuned.


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